What We Do

All About Them truly believes that every animal deserves a dignified life and is devoted to provide a better life to the community animals. Our initiatives include a surgery and recovery centre where we operate around 2500 animals and provide treatment to around 1500 animals every year. We also assist adoptions of indie dogs & cats and fight against cruelty cases.

Animals Australia's major campaigns are strategically targeting the areas where animals are in greatest need whether due to extreme cruelty, or due to the vast number of individual animals who are suffering.

Rescue and Treatment

All About Them has an animal recovery centre where we provide temporary shelter to injured community cats and dogs until they recover. We ensure that the animals in the centre receive the necessary treatment and nutrition for speedy recovery. We respond to accident and cruelty cases and provide them just-in-time treatment.


The population of street animals is alarmingly increasing and is the root cause of all the problems. We at AAT have been getting street animals sterilized at BMC ABC centres and private clinics.We now aim to open an Animal Birth Control centre and operate street animals through minimal costs with the help of donations received. We aspire to open ABC centres in small cities and villages by 2022.


We at All About Them truly believe that every animal deserves a loving home. Our team has been earnestly involved in adoption of street puppies, kitten and physically challenged and abandoned animals. We ensure that adoptions happen only after strict vigilance of the prospective families.

Animal Cruelty

We at AAT do not tolerate any kind of cruelty to the voiceless souls. We provide support and guidance to fight any kind of injustice to animals. You could raise a petition and seek support as votes to take legal action against cruelty.